Vincent Precht
Vincent Precht


  1. Dale Lidicker    

    Hello Jai,

    As a special educator at the middle school level for 20 years, I have also witnessed the devastating effects of this testing mania. Endless thanks for doing this.

  2. ira shor    

    Brave, inspiring, speaking truth to power, thank you. When teachers refuse the tests, we will stop the corporate abuse of kids and the commercial looting of our public schools. When parents opt out our children, they too will stop this shameful war on kids and the public sector.

  3. Ben    

    why dont yall explain the i.e.p and explain why you cannot go to a 2 year college with a i.e.p diploma or even join the military. these children learn too. its unfair to them to make them work harder and LONGER just to end up with a g.e.d. Yes i know what im talking about. Had the i.e.p in school was going to end up with the diploma.. sorry NEVER again. my kids wont and ill fight till the i.e.p is thrown out the door.

  4. cathy    

    Teachers need to step up and speak out. That is what will change things

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